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You can als watch this tutorial:

It wil show you all kind of differend doors
1416 days ago
If you place the wall a little bit to the right, it will be gone xD
1426 days ago
I had a jumppad in COD4. You can still use the same code.

function jump()
jumpx = getent ("jump","targetname");
air1 = getent ("air1","targetname");
air2 = getent ("air2","targetname");
air3 = getent ("air3","targetname");
air4 = getent ("air4","targetname");

time = 1;
jumpx waittill ("trigger",user);
if (user istouching(jumpx))
//throw = user.origin + (100, 100, 0);
air = spawn ("script_model",(0,0,0));
air.origin = user.origin;
air.angles = user.angles;
user linkto (air);
air moveto (air1.origin, time);
air3 playsound ("zmb_hellhound_bolt");
wait 1;
air moveto (air2.origin, time);
wait .5;
air moveto (air3.origin, time);
air3 playsound ("zmb_hellhound_bolt");
wait .5;
air moveto (air4.origin, time);
wait 1;
user unlink();
wait 1;
1433 days ago
YES, i was looking for this  :)
1437 days ago
When you are not in a start zone you will die, the game thinks you cheat
1438 days ago
works for cod4?
1563 days ago
Looks REALLY good man, it's clear you put a lot of work into this. Have a few issues, though;

-Doors. WHY are they so overpriced? 3000 is...acceptable, for the most part, but 10'000 for the main door?! I wouldn't mind if there was anything in most of the rooms beyond like one weapon and another two 4500 point doors. It...annoyed me, to say the least.
-Not helped by the sheer amount of barred doors around the map. The other comments mention some sort of hacking device, so perhaps I just haven't found the right solution yet.
-I just couldn't find Juggernog. I must've looked around the map multiple times and nothing. Perhaps I'm just blind.
-Two Pack-a-Punch Machines. I...don't understand.

Apart from that, however, I really liked this map. I'd give it...3.5/5, I guess. Good job.

When i played it i couldn't find the juggernog either. But if you have the big castle in front of you, on your left side you can go to a lower level. Buy all those those thins there. Than go back to the castle. Than on your right side there open's a stair to a higher level. There you will find the juggernog.
1585 days ago
I am trying to play with another person, but when he starts the game or me for that fact, the other player gets stuck on that ugx mod screen where it says to move the mouse but like we both try doing that but it doesnt work, is there a workaround for this?

You both need to change The UGX Mod 1.1 is still in Beta. You have to change the UGX Settings in the menu (choose something in the Weapon Bob Option) to prevent the missing start button bug. i had this to with a friend.
1586 days ago
This is the best detaild map i have ever seen, this map is so sick. It is better than the original maps.
1687 days ago
It is a cool small map  :) Finished the map in 7 rounds
1783 days ago
This map is so cool, i must say it is a small map but stil the best i have ever seen. I played it 2 times, and i cant find the detonator and the bag :(  , i searched for 45 minutes
1800 days ago
zone name:

   add_adjacent_zone( "start_zone",   "zone_1",   "enter_zone_1" );
   add_adjacent_zone( "zone_1",      "zone_3",   "enter_zone_3" );
   add_adjacent_zone( "zone_3",      "zone_4",   "enter_zone_4" );

I only use the first one, i have no doors! and i use the UGX mod 1.0.4

zone name:
target: zombie_spawner_init
targetname: start_zone


targetname: zombie_spawner_init
2015 days ago


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