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@RadimaX  Actually, i see that its linked, is [email protected] still a good email for paypal? If so ill send it!
315 days ago
@RadimaX  Hey man, i know its months later but i still owe you that $10 and your paypal email is gone! Im pretty sure i just totally forgot about it but i seriously want to send you that money, so if you get on here please just link me your paypal email and ill get it to you!
315 days ago
Could it really be this one? :D
it is the link if map was correct but download file is broken so i had to dig deeper and found this:
Try it out and let me know how it goes!
Wait i see you edited it and found the link! Congratz! Is it okay if i send the money to the paypal in your signature? Thank you so much!
582 days ago
Could it really be this one? :D
it is the link if map was correct but download file is broken!
Yes thats the map, ive already been their and yes the link is broke! Cant find a single link anywhere, ive been through so many google pages looking and cant find it. Somebodys gotta have it downloaded and now its my mission to play it again! :D
582 days ago
I have been looking all over the internet for one download link that works for nazi zombie skate park, it was the first custom zombies map that i ever played, and i want it to play it for a throwback. The only link that may or may not work is a link from and You cant register, and im assuming you cant login to that website either. Anyways, if any of you guys have it downloaded and wanna make $10 bucks for simply uploading it to sendspace or something like that, let me know. Ill send it to you on paypal. Note, I posted the same thing on zombie modding, whoever sends the map first gets the $10! Thanks!
583 days ago


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