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ohhh, gamestop got better deals then steam tho
258 days ago
yeah steam is getting worse and worse, to buy call of duty ghosts or black ops 2 is at the full price of the games when they first came out. i mean bo2 and ghosts are too old to be 60$. so steam really sucks now.
258 days ago
did u open the rar on 7 zip and drag it to the mods folder under black ops one, and do u know of any custom maps i can get for this game besides r4 and perish
264 days ago
yo im down to play saloon from reapers map pack :D
265 days ago
does anyone know how to get to the buyable ending
269 days ago
i can only find r4 and perish. does anyone know of more custom zombie maps for bo1 or are some being made rn

269 days ago


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