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Just wondering what do you consider high rounds?

Basically when playing other maps its kinda difficult to reach to a high round eg. Round 60+ and this mod helps with but am just curious if there any way to merge two mods.
1011 days ago
Is there any possibility to combine two mods into one . Eg. Reaper pack mods with another weapon mods. does anyone have suggestion or idea how this can be done. :alone: :'( :alone:
1014 days ago
I have been playing this mod for quite a while now ( 4 player co-op)
mainly on kino cause its hard to high round the other map but there is a --reaper perk pack--- that would make this mod even greater if all the perk machine can be included with your mod i know its kinda annoying to hear this but is there any way this is possible?
...Awaiting response...
1017 days ago
When is the update for the rest of maps gonna be released? :poker:
1067 days ago
or just launch a map through console like "map zombie_theatre" with mod active but hey whatever you want

OFFLINE LAN (visible on network )
Offline (without local or internet connection )
1104 days ago
Awesome job , idk how many hours did you spent in this mod , but incredible .
But can you tell me how to play this mod in offline lan ?
Thank you
To make this work offline its pretty simple. First you need Bg Launcher :     
Then extract files to the game directory after that then you reinsert the mod and all the files associates with the mod just for safety. 
Then Lauch  "BGt5 launcher" Locatedd in game directory (where you put the game) the enter your ip if your not connected to a router put in a static ip or just enter ""
Then change name then click "start host mode on launcher. then in the same game directory if you have succesfully install the mod you should see Bo_mod (a bat file )
Run that NOT with administrative privalges --NOT- just double click on it it will launch the game then proceed to mod  --select Wds_01 select  the mod --then it will launch --
from  there click zombies==> solo --there thats it. if you wanna play offline with friends you just need to  make some minor adjustments but the mod works perfect offline no crash or lags .
1106 days ago
This MOD brought some life back into Bo Zombies. Just when i thought i got a bit repetitive . Thank you admin. :)
I found a way to make it work offline lan with friends. So that is a plus . Spend Hours testing the best set of guns to high round the game Kino. :accepted: 
1115 days ago


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