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Hmmm well I don't think it's in my options menu, because I hear everything fine on all the other maps I play,
But like I said, on Requiem I can hear my partners upgraded guns but not the normal guns. It's very strange :(

It's an awesome map though :) i love the teeter totter plank thing ;)
1791 days ago
Hey, I have a glitch with this map (Requiem), I cannot hear my partners guns when they shoot. I was told it's because the map dev  didn't put in 3rd person firing sounds. I only hear their weapon when I they have an upgraded gun, like PAP.
I hope this is the right place to post this!  :-\
1791 days ago
yeah okay that makes sense, because I can hear my partners  gun shoot only when they have a upgraded gun(PAP)
Now I'm going to try and find where to post my question so the map dev can see it
1791 days ago
I am playing a UGX map and no matter what gun my partner on WAW Zombies lan has, they make no sound. I hear my gun, my partner here's their gun, but we don't hear eachothers. How can I fix this!

I hear it when their character says something, and I can hear every other interaction, but just not guns.
I can also hear my partners bullets hit objects, but not the gun!!
 please help me! :)
1793 days ago


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