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Messages - cantaloupe1

This map looks amazing. I was able to load up single player and played for awhile. Unfortunately, my friends had EXTREME difficulty in loading in multiplayer. we each got the game to launch in single player but multiplayer wouldn't work. Not sure what was wrong it just wouldn't load. Shame we never got to fully enjoy the map. Great work though! if anyone has any idea why it wasn't working please share my friends and I really want to play this map!
5 years ago
This map is beautiful and the game play is great. The only thing is that for some odd reason when I shoot all the clocks and the music comes on my game crashes. Not sure why its doing this. my friends don't have this problem. if you have a fix that would be great! And I know you don't need to shoot the clocks for the main easter egg but its something to do.
5 years ago
Just played this map. it was super fun. the puns were spot on. if I were to change something it would be some of the door prices and up the end game to something a little higher. I was able to beat the map unexpectedly in 8 rounds on my first play through. I would also lower the gravity because I found a glitch where you are able to dolphin dive on top of the pickle causing the zombies to either freeze or pile up. other than that it was a great map. I especially liked the custom "wonder weapon". ;) :lol:
5 years ago
  I'd just like to say that this map is great. The custom models and detailing is outstanding.  And you have piqued my curiosity with the unfound easter egg. I am one to love secretes and such in games. After my first attempt at the map I decided to snap a picture of the binary left behind by bender on the objectives board. I decided to translate it to see if it actually meant something. The result: "Bite my shiny metal ass" - Bender. Classic Bender. I got a good laugh from this. I'm not sure if this is the hard to find easter egg, but I can assure you I am determined to find it. Keep up the good work!
5 years ago
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