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I am trying to play this mod and I am not sure if this is normal for the map?
174 days ago
Me and my friend our trying to get the map working and we got to the main menu. We just can't figure out how to start the map. When I click "Zombies" on the main menu, it just tells me that the Black Ops servers are not available. I do not know if we did something wrong but we installed it through the installer so I assume it isn't a game mod issue.
175 days ago
I am trying to use this mod because one of the UGX maps me and my friend want to play need it (apperently). However, when I install it, it just crashes my game. Not sure why. But without this mod, the crash report. after trying to start the map up, says that it needs more memory. So I tried downloading this mod and installed excatly how it said. Now the game crashed on startup. Please help me so my friend and I can enjoy a nice game of zombies.
417 days ago
I was trying to play with my friend on UGX Requiem last night and I got everything setup. But when I start it up, I keep getting this certain error message:  "Server script compile error Could not find script 'maps/_arcademode'". I have no idea how to fix this and before you ask, yes I have searched this and I found nothing to help me fix it. Here is a screenshot of the error:   Please help me fix this issue. Me and my friend really want to play this map as a throwback.
487 days ago
There is no button telling me how to reply. I have no idea where it is and please tell me where. I am having a very bad day because that stupid UGX mod v1.1 glitch is happening where I can't start the map and when I go into the UGX settings to try and fix it, I can't exit the settings menu either. Please help with all of these issues and I will have a very happy next week.
682 days ago
When I startup this map, it brings up the settings thing. But I can't seem to find the Start button. Please is there a fix or is it that this map is just buggy.,12959.0.html

684 days ago


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