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Nice MOD ! But there are still some Perks that are invisible ;(
772 days ago
Installed everything new now it shows me:

ASSERTION d\:code\projects\c++\linkermod\components\shared\shared_utility.h(51):
*opcode == 0xE9

What the hell does this mean? Why won't this game start, damn it.  :alone: :alone:
831 days ago
I'll tryd to use the new Installer to install this mod, because the other way don't work either for me.
When i try to open the installer it tells me "Modme Standalone Installer" Failed to load embedded package: [Method not found: 'Void System.IO.BinaryReader..ctor(System.IO.Stream, System.Text.Encording,Boolean)'.].

how can i fix that x.x?
844 days ago


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