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17/11/2017: (patch coming tomorrow)

- Added M1 Garand scoped
- Added Gewehr 43 scoped
- Added SVT40 scoped
- Added Springfield scoped
- Added MP40 Bigammo
- Added new weapons to shop

- Reworked Sniper upgrade tree
- Reworked armored upgrade tree

- Reworked weapon loading script (now we can have unlimited number of weapons on server)

What we are working on right now:
- Black Ops weapons
- MW3 weapons
- Ghosts weapons
- Cod WWII weapons
1074 days ago
Yeah, I am still adding new things, everyday :D
1079 days ago
New patch live on now:

- Added CM901
- Added PP90 M1
- Added Magnum (Cod:GHOSTS)
- Added TMP9
- New secondary upgrades for all classes
- Added Raygun
- Added Thundergun (it stuns zombies to its easy to revive)
- Added Wunderwaffe

- Reworked Assasin upgrade tree
- Reduced TMP9 dmg 100->80 (prerelease values)
- Reduced Magnum damage 400->300 (prerelease values)
- Boosted MSR damage 800->900 (+ min dmg)

- Fixed command overflow error when connecting (bigger delay in setting cdvars so the client can process it in time)
- Fixed HUD icons
- Fixed tomahawk
- Fixed ammo box
1083 days ago
Hi, why the CoD 4 server tells me that HUD destroyelem(); is unknown function when I have seen ppl normally use this functions in their scripts ?

I have seen this docs:

There is not any function like that, so how can one use it ?

1085 days ago
Welcome to the DakadoRotu mod/server!

Do you know ROTU mod for cod 4 ? Are you a fanboy of the classic survival in CoD Waw, but you want to play more dynamic game with
 more players and maps ? Now you can! I have made a new ROTU mod branch, based on the latest source
 from original developers of rotu, called DakadoRotu. We are trying to make the mode more dynamic and
 fun even in high rounds. We are open to any new suggestions!

Join now:
Official DakadoRotu CoD4 server:

What is it all about ?
DakadoRotu is a survival mod, where you and other players have to survive 10 wawes of zombies,
in the final wawe you have to defeat a boss to win the game. By killing zombies you earn points that
will let you buy upgrades, better weapons, obstacles and special items like TNT or UAV or sentry turrets.
There are also different classes you can pick to play, every class has it's specialities.


Core DakadoRotu features:
- 50+ Custom weapons (from WaW, MW2, MW2, BO, BO2, GHOSTS)
- Custom weapon shop
- Custom Perk shop
- Purchasable UAV
- Custom menus
- Very long weapon progression (upgrade system)

What we are working on:
- In-game tasks that will unlock special weapons
- Killstreak Waw-like bonuses (max ammo, nuke, insta-kill)
- Gas masks
- New zombie models (Nazi zombies)
- More custom weapons

List of custom weapons:
Gehewr 43 (normal, silenced)
SVT 40
MP40 (normal, silenced)
M1 Garand
Thompson (normal, silenced, bigclip)
PPSH70 (normal, bigclip)
M4 Carabine
ACR (normal, silenced, reflex)
SCAR-H (normal, silenced, reflex)
Kiparis (normal, silenced, reflex)
G36C (from MW3, normal, silenced, reflex)
UMP45 (normal, silenced, reflex)
DoubleBarreled Shotgun
MP7 (normal, silenced, reflex)
Type 100
MG42 (normal, grip)
M4 Carabine (from MW3)
+ more weapons coming

Screenshots (imgur gallery):

1098 days ago


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