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The one thing i absolutely HATE about the map. NO TRAINING SPOTS! and the one place i could find to be a decent one, (very close quarters btw) Was impossible without Juggernog. (which there was none that i could find!)
  The only real good thing i could find about this map though, was the detailing. It also had that heavy atmosphere about it being an assault fallout center of some kind.
  So as a map detailer, id say these two did good, but as a map designer. id have to fail them. Hopefully V2 corrected a bunch of the mistakes. (i played v1) But, probably going to try V2, but thats only if i want to try this difficult map again.
819 days ago
this isnt working, do i need winrar to properly open the t4 or what? cause this is starting to seriously annoy me.
1086 days ago


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