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Kind of disappointed how it's just a re-post of all the maps. Could have updated Halloween town with the guns and other maps in some way....   :-\
1397 days ago
From someone banned, ill wait till other's download just in case of virusing :P
1454 days ago
Good map a little glitchy from the chalks dont blame you. Free ammo and stuff for LSAT is best :P Also some nice surprises.
1465 days ago
Looks nice gonna try it out
1465 days ago
Dude OMG, Im the biggest crash bandicoot fan of all time. Vinnie, do you think I can maybe get like beta access to this map or something I'm like a hardcore zombies fan and crash fan. If you can it would make my freaking year dude.
1479 days ago
So the download is incorrect. It just placed random files in my mods.... :/
1496 days ago
CO-OP still doesn't work. I really wanna play this map CO-OP it's pretty good, but it gets stuck on the loading screen for everyone.
1500 days ago
Download broken, looks great tho :P
1507 days ago
This map was beautiful reimagined version of the prototype! BUT! I've noticed tons of bugs and glitched throughout the map. First one, playing as the second player, the dogs tend to glitch through items and slide on the floor.  Also, that a zombie came through a wall on the second floor, not a barrier but a wall, and killed me.
1898 days ago


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