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Great map. Remake was 100% accurate. However I'm not really a fan of maps where everything is open from the start, but it would have been hard to do with this map. Also the zombies sometimes behave a little weird on the pipes and rails. Overall really fun, I love training the zombies in the area right where the mystery box is, as I can get to round 20+ in a breeze. Good stuff!
1217 days ago

I am a consistent youtuber and twitch streamer, who mainly uploads Super Mario Maker content. I wanted to switch it up, so I made a custom zombies video. Let me know what you think, and what I should do in the future!
1221 days ago
Great map! Played with my two friends, and got to round 19. Only played once, but I can totally see myself giving this map another go! Feels like an official BO1 map.
1232 days ago


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