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Played  it a few times now,
What i like:
- the Wall Weapons - you did a great job with those models
- the weapon sounds - a few BO and BO2 weapons with the actual sounds, i really enjoyed the ballista in the first room, got a feeling like origins :>
- the ladders - the zombie climbing animations are top, but first time i fell down and died :DD
- The Origins-like water at the bottom of the map ist very good

- to much buyable doors, i think.
- There's not much place to actual train zombies~

But all in all i love that map. :> Looking for bugs atm :>

2240 days ago
Will test it now :>
2240 days ago
War mit Absicht so geschrieben ;D
2254 days ago
Sup Doods.

My Name's MaZZL, I is new here. Playing Zombies since WaW, and its still a lot of fun.
Just came back to customzombies and thought, it would be nice registering here. :>

So, here is me. :>

2254 days ago


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