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Well at least we see that it''s glitched, but we need more information to know what really happened.
97 days ago
i will add you man and we can play!
97 days ago
We can play it im going to add you
97 days ago
why thank you 🙂

Double Post Merge: August 07, 2019, 01:02:39 am

wish i could've done more. thanks for playing 😉
 Don't worry, thanks for making this bro.:)
97 days ago
Thats a really good thread man! im interested on this
99 days ago
Me too im getting back its been a long time without playing custom zombie maps!
99 days ago
Looks really good man! i will try later, great work.
99 days ago
This map looks pretty good, i remember when i played it on WaW
99 days ago
There are custom zombie maps on BO1? i thought it was only on WaW, BO2 and BO3.
99 days ago


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