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Messages - GoryBread

Feel free to become a modder yourself and add them to your own mod.
i really dont know how to mod and i dont have the games for it im broke
7 years ago
Your expectations are way too high for me to keep up with. I simply do not have the time or patience to do many of these things and you're expecting way too much. The weapons list will not be changed drastically at this point except for perhaps one or two replacements but that's it. Be reasonable.
im sorry but you know i think modders can do anything in the world my dream is crushed but can you at least add the mark 3 or the honey badger or the hells retriever? you choose i recomend the retriever and a way to upgrade it
7 years ago
well by my request i think that you should add the apothicans servant and some more bo2 weapons like the ak74u hlx 4 and apart from that will there be double pack a punch that would be nice for high rounds and will the weapons have unique pack a punches because i honestly thing this is a great mod but i feel you haven't pushed it to the full extent and i think alot of people will like not just that but some bo3 perks and like the raygun mk3 and mk2 because you still have alot of time in development so i think you can put up polls and not trying to sound like this is easy but i think people would like to see these new things to bo1 i simply would do it myself but i have a mac and i dont know how to port but im getting a pc in a few weeks so that means i might start making my own mods but i only know one thing you need the other games to port so i understand modding costs money but i appreciate all the hard work you are putting into this mod and i think everyone will love it  :D ;D
7 years ago
My bad man, Didn't know what computer you had. I don't think the mod will be ready by then so you should be able to play it at release :)
its fine any time i say that in a mod most replys are like that I bought like a 2000$ macbook pro andi thought money for a pc would come easy after 3 years but now imma one
7 years ago
I got a suggestion i think you should put in bo2 shaders for the perks and the starting pistol should be the mr6 or the bo2 m1911 i think the mauser doesn't fit in any bo1 maps but der riese :alone: pls
7 years ago
but im a mac user  but later im getting windows in like a week or two i guess i could wait to play this magnifecint mod
7 years ago
does this mod use game mod i hope not
7 years ago
Really looking foward to this mod its looking great ;D and when do you predict the mods coming im so hyped up just don't cancel it i saw an amazing cotd mod cancel so don't give up  ;)
7 years ago
does it work with another mod at the same time? i tried but i dont know if im doing something bad
:o 8) ::) ::) ::) 8) :nyan:
7 years ago
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