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Does it crash when loading the mod 'wds_1.0' from mod list or when launching the map 'Kino Der Toten'?

So I was originally getting a crash when loading wds_1.0, so I updated my game mod, and now none of my mods are loading. The other mods with the "_override" extension for fastfiles used to work before I updated game mod, but now none of them work. Black ops loads up just fine, but when I try to open a mod it just minimizes and says not responding
866 days ago
Hey, thank you for your hard work in making this map possible. I want to play this map so badly, but every time I try to load the map, blackops.exe stops responding and it just stays frozen. I used to not have this problem with custom maps ever, and I even updated game_mod to the latest to support the newer mod format. I don't know why it doesn't load any more, but if you know what's causing it then help would be appreciated, thanks <3
866 days ago


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