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Hello there!
Whit my friend,we wanted to play some custom maps(they were T4M),and when i host coop,he comes in,game starts,and the game kicking him out:
Cannot Create Online Profile!
We are using non-steam cod waw,but lanfixed,and tunggle,soo we can play normal maps,only T4M(or UGX Modded maps),not.
Any help?
Last Words:When he hosts a T4M map,i cant see him,but when im hosting,sometimes he saw me.  :gusta:
428 days ago
Okay,cuz i was looked for mw2 mods,and its dropped it xD
765 days ago
Its not working for me...
Its saying:Couldn't find CodWAW.exe
its not for MW2?
816 days ago


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