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420 Lab in 4:07

So, this is a thing I just did. I came across a thread in the WAW map challenges subsection for a speedrun of this map, so naturally, after watching the guy's run, and seeing a way to make it so much faster, I got to work and put together this run that beats the 5:11 run in that thread by just over a minute. :gusta:

I had a lot of fun tearing this map apart and figuring out the fastest way to go about beating it, this was really a blast from the past. The hard part was actually doing it, cuz my god, the zombies at the start and the RNG you have to beat to get the bomb parts where I did after getting a solid start is incredibly unforgiving, and I go into detail with this stuff in the commentary section of the video, just watch that if you're interested.

I'm also interested in tearing apart other custom maps, or maybe going for a sub-4 minute run, so if you're interested in seeing that, let me know.
392 days ago
Hey, not to resurrect a dead thread from three years ago, but...

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.
422 days ago
Rust Round 50 Solo! (G-Spawn error)
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

I finally pulled it off, I got past round 40 & pushed on to round 50, and then, G-Spawn ended my game. I guess that's to be expected though, I mean come on, it's a custom map. Nonetheless, I had a lot of fun with this run, despite how tedious it got in the 40s. All you can do is keep grabbing weapons from the box, PAPing them and blasting zombies with them until the ammo runs out. Trust me, PAPing mid round, unless you know how to do it right, is suicide. Your best bet is to get the semi-automatic sniper rifles, they're hella good when it comes to taking down zombies in the 40s. It might also be a good idea to have a light weapon, and one of the weapons I prefer the most is the Magnum with tactical knife. This tactical knife is your best friend when it comes to the early rounds, it's a 1 hit kill until about round 36-37. Has anyone else reached round 50 on this map, or higher? Or is this the first time anyone has reached round 50 on Rust?

I've said it before, and I'll say it again, this map is amazing. I appreciate the simplicity of it, it really shows that you don't need to have convoluted EEs or buildables or anything like that, hell even wonder weapons to make a great map that people will enjoy. If you haven't played this map, you don't know what you're missing. It's MW2 & zombies nostalgia at its finest. This map is a work of art Psh, one of my all time favorite maps. Well done.
1245 days ago
 :rainbow: It's finally here! Time to give this map a try!
1316 days ago
Would make more sense for it to just not drop unless power is on - like fire sale won't appear til the box moves
*cough*Except in Zombies in Spaceland*cough*
That would work too, and actually makes more sense than my original theory.
1343 days ago
Where's buyable ending
:poker: Did you even look around?
1353 days ago
How are you able to slide?
Jump and then crouch, pretty sure that's how it works.
1372 days ago
Okay, I've been playing Nightclub for 74 rounds now, and I have to say, I am extremely impressed with how effective the PAPed Rayzorback wonder weapon is. These zombies have over 425,000 points of HP, and it rips through them in just a few shots to the head. Just the idea of it, a Ray Gun combined with a Razorback SMG from Black Ops 3, it's an awesome idea. Why can't this be a real weapon in Treyarch zombies? Oh yeah, and a Ray Gun trap, that's fucking badass.

Also the GobbleGum that supposedly makes your third gun regen ammo when you have Mule Kick, seems to make all your guns regen ammo, whichever one you're holding. I could even regen ammo without it, except for the Rayzorback for some reason. Just thought it would be worth mentioning. And for some reason when I got down on 62, I kept all 3 of my guns, even without Mule Kick.

UPDATE: Round 82, these zombies have a little over a million HP now. How effective is the Rayzorback? A few shots to the head STILL kills them. To tell you the truth, I'm stunned. I don't know if it's a combination of the 27 perks in this map & the helmet I'm wearing, (50% more bullet damage) but I've never seen any variation of a Ray Gun be this effective at this high of a round, so Reaper, you really outdid yourself with this Rayzorback SMG. Give yourself a pat on the back for creating the most powerful Ray Gun variant of all time.

UPDATE 2: Post-game review of the map Nightclub.
Nightclub Round 113 Solo (Game Over)
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

Well, after 113 rounds of monotonous high rounding, what could I possibly have to say about this map? Well, most of my thoughts can be found in my round 100 video review of the map on YouTube, but as the last rounds went on, I think I discovered why the Rayzorback is as effective as it is... the zombies' HP has a cap. I believe this, because the Monkey Bomb I threw on round 113 made crawlers. I'm not even kidding. I like the kinda random selection of characters, it adds some variety, but just like any high round, hearing the same quotes over & over again gets old real quick. I like the array of custom perks, it adds some variety to the game of zombies, and some of these I wish could actually be in the real game of zombies. But there's one thing I love about this map pack, one thing that makes it so awesome, and that my friends, is how easy it is to get Liquid Divinium.

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

When I loaded up the GobbleGum selection stage, I nearly shit myself when I saw that I got almost half a thousand vials of Liquid Divinium from one single game of zombies. Why can't it be this easy in the real game?
1374 days ago

I did stream parts of this game, they can be found on my channel.

Designing 5 max level guns I earned as a result & opening 23 vials of Liquid Divinium!
1383 days ago
The PAP power up doesn't work. You can't pick it up, it just stays there and disappears over time.

3. Already been said before, PAP powerup doesn't work unless the power is on. This actually makes sense in my mind, because in a typical game of zombies on most maps, (except for Moon with NML & BO3 with the use of GobbleGum) PAP isn't activated until the power is turned on.
1397 days ago
Nacht Der Lebenden Toten Round 60 & Counting! Only 1 Down! (Default Settings)

See below for my Nacht strategy for farming Liquid Divinium!

That's right, 60 rounds and counting! What's the goal? I have no idea! I just hope my Liquid Divinium vials save if the game crashes, I've gotten at least 75-100 of them in this game alone! I'll elaborate on my strategy for getting Liquid Divinium in a few moments, first I'm going to review this.

Fortress wasn't to my liking, so I whipped up my 50 Liquid Divinium vials that you begin with, (fantastic idea btw, take notes Treyarch) played around in the arcade for a little bit and hit up the Nacht map. 60 rounds later, here I am. It's a very easy map, had some trouble opening PAP, but thank god for video tuts. As I've played this map, I've begun to formulate an overall opinion of this map pack, which I will describe below.

First of all, 4 maps with one download, including the highly anticipated Nightclub map; which I still have to try out; that is awesome. Second, a GobbleGum system that actually works across all the maps, WITH Liquid Divinium, this is like having BO3 on WAW! Sort of... anyways, I'll sort this out with what I like so far & what I don't like so far.

What I like: The fact that this comes with 4 maps & lots of replay value, and with Liquid Divinium as common as it is, there's almost nothing to stop you from playing your way. If you like tight maps, try Fortress. If you're more like me & prefer to run around instead of camp, then Nacht is probably for you. Then there's the varying levels of difficulty & other options, it's like playing Custom Match on BO2. There's something for everyone in this map pack, and is most definitely worth playing, whether you fly solo or team up with your squad to face the endless hordes.

What I don't like: The BO3 PAP effects. Sure you have the sixth custom PAP effect, which is an ice effect, (love the idea btw) but, they are a mockery of the PAP effects from BO3. First of all, only one PAP effect can activate at a time, then you have to wait like 20-30 seconds before you can use another one. It really slows the game down in the higher rounds. Second, Dead Wire, the quintessential high round PAP effect, is WORTHLESS. It takes forever to recharge, whereas in BO3 it recharges in seconds, & offers no buff to make such a long cool down at all reasonable for this effect. Fire Works is probably like BO3 where it varies from weapon to weapon in effectiveness. Ice Winds, or whatever it's called, slows the zombies down until they die, which I guess is supposed to be the zombies freezing up & shattering into a million pieces. Blast Furnace or Thunder Wall are the effects I've found to be the most effective, so go for these. These will get you through the high rounds.

That about wraps this up, see below for my Liquid Divinium strategy for Nacht!

My Liquid Divinium Strategy!

Okay, so since this game has the courtesy to start you off with 50 vials of Liquid Divinium, you're probably gonna blow all those on megas right away, hoping for a few Perkaholics. (I got 2) Now you need more, so what do you do? Go to Nacht! I've found a very effective strategy for farming the precious Liquid Divinium on this map.

First of all, you'll need these 3 weapons; CZ-75 PAPed with whatever effect you desire, FAMAS, UMP45. What I've found is that something about having the FAMAS with these other two weapons gives a very high chance of getting Liquid Divinium when you buy CZ-75 ammo. YES, I've tried this both with & without the FAMAS, it doesn't work without the FAMAS. Use the CZ-75 to play through the round, then at the end of the round, grab CZ-75 ammo. 4 times out of 5 I've gotten a Liquid Divinium vial. Then run up stairs & grab ammo for the FAMAS & UMP-45, even if it has full ammo it will let you buy ammo. This applies to all wall guns! Feel free to spam one of them a couple times while the zombies spawn in, you'll usually get one more, and don't be afraid to buy CZ-75 ammo mid round, you might get some doing that too! I usually spam the UMP. Tip: use your other guns when you get an insta-kill!

Happy hunting!

Double Post Merge: November 22, 2016, 10:11:50 am
Update: Game Over on 67 (Thunder Wall Quit Working. :-\)
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

Post Game - 98 Liquid Diviniums!
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.
1397 days ago
Alrighty, about time I gave my 2 cents on this map, like I do many other maps with open topics. I consider myself an unofficial map reviewer, lol

Really what can I say, it's Rust from MW2, made into a zombies map. It's got great detail, looks exactly like the original map, and plays smoothly. The abundance of MW2 weapons & clever PAP variations of them is enough to keep you playing for hours, and is sure to bring back some fond memories of the good old days of MW2 back when we were younger. There's also an abundance of perks, and with no perk limit, you can buy as many or as few as you would like, the choice is yours. Overall, this is a great map with high replay value & definitely a must-play for every custom zombies fan who wants to have a fun game of zombies.

Someday I will get past round 40 solo! :accepted:
1400 days ago
An actual person from Treyarch? Joining this modding site? :rainbow: is this heaven?
1403 days ago
Is there a buy-able ending or no? because im confused?
There is a buyable ending, it appears in the form of a teleporter pad from Kino Der Toten at round 25 at the center of the map, and it costs 100,000 points. Having the custom perk Nuke-a-Cola (I believe it is called) makes this task a breeze, as score for kills is multiplied by 5, and multiplies kill scores to 10 on Double Points.

I just elected not to buy it, because I like to see how far I can get.
1408 days ago
So yeah, I do have a YouTube channel, and zombies is one of the things I founded my channel on. Recently I got an Elgato, and played a solo game of Buried. It ended up going for two days, and I got to round 125.

Here's the final moment from this game

and here's an epic clutch from round 78!

I do stuff other than zombies on my channel, and if I get my Elgato hooked up to my laptop, I'll try recording some high round custom zombies!
1408 days ago


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