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Seems like a visleaf problem. Honestly no clue how to help you besides the obvious things like redoing the map, verifying cache etc.
1453 days ago
If you are making a zombie map you can edit the mapname.gsc file that comes with the map you are working on, and you can create other .GSC files and then link them from the mapname.gsc, take a look at the world at war tutorials for scripting its basically the same

My thread was more regarding custom gametypes that could execute custom gcs's.

Someone already managed to make one but with no information regarding the process.

1454 days ago
Please bear with me. I'm pretty new to the entire cod modding scene. Have only done some small stuff back in the cod4 days but I can barely remember most of it.

Have checked both the youtube tutorials and the wiki, but nowhere has anyone explained how to really start creating a very simple mod which executes gsc files. Right now I've only found mostly map tutorials, or where people use the gsc studio program to inject mod menus on consoles.

I've already managed to use the bo3 mod tool to create a custom mod which is just using the default starting template atm. After that I linked it into the ff format.

That's how far I've come. If someone could please help me I would gladly appreciate it.

1455 days ago


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