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I might be retarded but I have looked through my custom maps probably 20 times and havnt found this one, what is it called in the custom mod menu in game, is it ''lost woods'' as the map is called here?
1028 days ago
Why is everyone using T4m, I can't download that crap  :'(
1466 days ago
Why does the majority of the maps require T4M  :'(
1487 days ago
Is there a main easter egg to the map or is it an original survival map?
1488 days ago
Well, I'm just retarded I didn't see the indicator for the 500 door, but you need to stand in such awkward angels to open doors now that I can run around in the map it was alot more fun, great map dude  :)
1490 days ago
Just a quick question, HOW THE FUCK DO YOU COME OUT OF SPAWN ROOM, the map loks good so far from what I have seen, probably goona be better when I get out of spawn though...
1490 days ago


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