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Theres a great tutorial here , but it doesn't go over how to put the stuff into A.P.E, which is what I'm stuck on.
1342 days ago
Hey everyone! I'm brand new to modding (I just watched some tutorials when the open beta was released) and I figured a good first project would be to convert a gun from bo2 to bo3. I chose the executioner, followed jbird's tutorial step by step, have all the animation files, the view model, and the animation model or whatever, and I have tried to put the view model into asset property editor. However, after putting the bin file in LOD 0, when I go down to materials, it says skin override. I have no idea what that means and any help would be appreciated! Thanks so much!

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Let me know if you need screenshots! I'll be happy to post them!
1342 days ago


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