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Hi guys 
I want to change map font to make it like BO2 
OR i want BO2 font in my map 
654 days ago
in raw/soundalias of your root call of duty world at war. Then in the soundalias folder there should be files with the file type csv. copy any one of those files, erase the text inside the copied version and add the text from the video into that file, rename that file "radios". For the actual script, since the link is dead, you will have to slow down the video to copy word for word from the video by going into your mod/yourmapname/maps and find your nazi_zombie_yourmapname.gsc and adding the radio script word for word using the video at the bottom of your nazi_zombie_yourmapname.gsc. The rest should be self explanatory as the video explains everything else besides providing the actual script. Good Luck!

i know what i have do but i need this script can you reuplode this for me if you have it or know one have it
688 days ago
Why? Everything you need to see is in that videoclip.
You only have to type it over in order to use this.
Ok But this thing how can i type it ?!
688 days ago
Hi guys
Can anyone Reuplode this script in this TUT
And Thanks :)
690 days ago
I have no idea what you are saying but I think you want this:
add_adjacent_zone( "start_zone",	"zone1",	"enter_zone1", 	true );

This will spawn the zombie in the room you are in adding the "true" as extra parameter.

Good Listen I'll type the problem again
i have 2 zones the frist zone is ( start_zone) and i want to make zombie spawn Riser  so i add this KVP to zombie
script_string : riser
and i put script_struct and give them KVP
script_noteworthy : find_flesh
targetname : zombie_rise
and it work but when i want to make zone_2  zombie spawn Riser i copy script_struct but zombie spawn in the frist round and i dont active door
744 days ago
hi guys
my map is Der Riese styled i add script_structs in the start zone but when i want to put anther script_structs in the anther zone i get in round 1 that zombie spawn in the 2 zones so what can i do to make zombie spawn in the frist zone and when i active the zone_2 zombie start spawn ?
745 days ago
hi guys
how can i save my mods  files from edit or take like  Make them encrypted
and thaks  :)
748 days ago
hi guys
do you have any idea about this I can't run my map in the game  :'(
775 days ago
hi guys
i have zone Problem with my map
i make 2 zones the frist i named it start_zone
The second i named it zone_2 and script it in my mapname.gsc
in game i found that zombie spawn in the 2 zone like ( 2 in the frist zone and 3 in the second zone)
and when i active the door the zombie in the second zone move
i want that all zombie spawn in the frist zone and when i active the second zone the zombie start spawn
and i am sorry for my bad Einglish  :D :D
852 days ago
What have you tried now and where do you get problems?
It didnt work in my map so i think that i do something wrong
855 days ago
Hi guys
I do this TUT but it didn't done with me,6803.msg157493/topicseen.html
Can anyone make this TUT video for me  :)
855 days ago
Can you make TUT Video because i do what you say and didnt done with me
856 days ago
T4m is not a “fix”... it increases it to 500 but if you don’t learn you’ll just hit it again

Also tons of ppl cannot play t4m maps, some hardware seems to not work with it

T4m is the most unnecessary thing on this site - i practically ported everything from bo2 into one map on waw and still managed to keep under the limits

T4m is the lazy persons cheap way out. Programs a complete waste of time
Ok What do you recommend to solve this problem?
860 days ago
I use this TUT from uptown
Its work but its good?
862 days ago
Hi guys
I want script that when i go into Area that music or track play
Can you help me for this ?
Thanks  :)
866 days ago


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