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The map looked good but its soooo SEVERELY broken. Atleast the t4m version was. The mystery box would take my points but not give me the gun and the game would freeze for 5-10 seconds every time that boss godzilla thing attacked. Pls fix or dont even bother posting maps with bugs this bad.
1127 days ago
Just wanted to point this out, so I was playing with a friend recently and everytime there was a packapunch drop only the host would get it.pls fix...
1130 days ago
Just beat this map along with a friend...Its a very well made and fun map although it was a bit too easy...
1172 days ago
Actually, those problems ONLY happen on co-op, I'm not sure how to fix them. Jugg is 5 hit on solo.

Are those problems fixed now? I got this map and im eager to play it with a friend and it would be a disappointment to see that those problems are still there. As a mapper you should know how to fix problems like that....just sayin
1203 days ago
just finished playing and beating this map....I've got to say, this is the nicest looking map i'ever played on waw and it's just hands down a blast to play. A couple requests, could you please add mulekick in the next update, fix the freezing when buying certain doors, and increase the price of the buyable ending as it was a little easy to beat. Other than that, its truly a very well made map and I look forward to playing more maps like this!
1205 days ago
Well I downloaded this map very eager to play it but for some reason every time I try to start it in solo the map loads halfway and just crashes to my desktop. Idk if this is a problem with my computer or the map so pls help me out! I was really excited to play this and it's just disappointing that I can't.
1218 days ago


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