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Messages - benstuwie

I got 3 quick questions

1, how do you get the lsat wallbuy/is it for classic mode?

2, is there an easter egg past getting the nuke? (is that what was added with version 1.1?)

3, what does that sketchy teleporter, near the key card trap, do?
8 years ago
Good... But i will stick with the older update  ::) No perk limits
I think the new peek limit is toggleable, as it does say optional
8 years ago
Oh, I remembered one other sort of bug thing. There's a door that can be opened from either side, with one costing 1000 and the other being 1500. It seems like you are supposed to go around so it would be cheaper, however you can look through the chain fence and buy the 1000 buyable, from the 1500 side. Not really a huge bug, but seems like a bypass or something.

It's a chain fence door, accessible from the area that leads to the starting box location (where the lsat is)

If this hasn't been reported, I can add a screenshot when I get home.
8 years ago
Its hopefully fixed in update, I do think also its a bug. And thanks for reporting that, I have never actually went down in special round, so never gotten that error, should be easy fix
Yea, I'm just bad at the game. Seen people playing coop, and wen't down without a problem. I'm about to replay the map, and down on the special round while recording to give you the full picture.
8 years ago
As said multiple times, its a bug and its fixed by restarting the map and trying again
Sorry, didn't read the whole thread first. I did end up restarting the map, but I think this still counts as a bug that could be fixed. Got a little annoying when I couldn't destroy the generators.

Also, another bug, when I died in the special round as part of the ee, I had quick revive so the game wouldn't have ended, but I got an error, saying something about all stances used, which crashed the game, and brought me to the title screen. Sorry I don't have a sc, and it isn't super helpful, but that did happen
8 years ago
Not sure if this is a bug or not, but I got to the step where you destroy the generators, but 2 of them refuse to break. I tried nades, c4, the granade launcher gun and the scavenger. Nothing worked. These were the generator near spawn (the 1.5k door, that leads to the car partially under ground) and the one near pack a punch. :(
8 years ago
Ahh, well I might have had a little glitch or something. Because even at wave 40 it was like I had an infinity insta kill. I got a +50 and a +10 on ever kill, and all the zombies died instantly with my un packapunched lsat :/
With that, 500k is a tad hard, when 160 zombies gives you 16k
9 years ago
I don't know if anyone said this yet, but 500k? srsly? I got to 168k on round 40 and quit. Great map, love the weapons and the elevator, but the ending is just a grind.
Also, how many soul boxes are there/ what do they do. I filled like 5 or 6 and nothing really happened :/
9 years ago
Good map i guess. One meh training spot so i wouldn't really recommend co op. Easter egg was kinda hidden but the maps helped out a lot and the only hard part is i didn't want to spend the points on the teleporter. And then I was building up for the ending had 3 pap'd guns and all perks and the C4 then I also got the error about George having too many bones. De fuck? But anyway good scripts but the map layout wasn't anything to special. 
10 years ago
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