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Gz on release, few problems with textures being stretched across the screen and guns n heads being invisible but all else good map, completed by round 15 with no jugg 2 player :)
1476 days ago
Had lots of fun times and lots of annoyed times when testing this, such a huge scaled map hard in some areas easier in others, overall great map for the effort and work put in very good work, have fun guys dont die too much :)
1587 days ago
looking good so far, but i think you should make a credits list its only right.
1651 days ago
Golden Shower girls XX....

very appropriate  :lol: :troll:
1663 days ago
Despite me not being a minecraft fan whatsoever i will say it looks very well put together. Nice work!
1664 days ago
complains about remakes, enjoys maps remade from bo2 in waw  :troll:
1666 days ago
thank you so fekin much dude, iv been waiting like a whole year to find out how this is done! Worked first try too, really clear tut, nice work bro and thanks again.!
1672 days ago
Had lots of fun testing this sexy map, the guns are win and layout works well, people will have lots of fun on here, Grats on release!
1673 days ago
Download is unavailable, mediafire gives everyone aids idk why its a required download host =(
1673 days ago
Grats on release, will try this soon thanks for sharing dude
1673 days ago
i got out of the map in a few different places, i think you need better beta testers xD, il make a video of the spots i found and pm it to you later.
1674 days ago
YES YES YES and more YES!
1674 days ago
drop box link disabled due to too much traffic?
1674 days ago
Welcome to the community, 10/10 on your avatar, i chuckled a little.
1679 days ago


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