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Hey guys, Released Kyassuru earlier this week, now has 2 patches, enjoy!

Workshop page:

Some WAW / BO3 compare shots:

Some time after leaving Der Eisendrache, Richtofen in his quest for harnessing the power of the realm lands the trio and himself on the ground of Kyassuru, an old Japanese Castle which was the theater of a great battle. They expect to find here Takeo 1.0 ....


30+ WW2 era weapons
Randomize Boxes, Perks
Zapper, Flogger Traps
Main EE
Side EEs


Original Layout by Treyarch (World At War)
Original Zombie Map idea by SparkyMcSparks
All Geo changes, models and textures replace by ZeRoY


Ardivee, MakeCents, NateSmithZombies & ZeRoY


Mosin Nagant port by Carbon, textures by Frimenitnet
Sten Weapon model by Synths (Game Banana) port by ZeRoY
MP40 port by ZeRoY
Bayonnet Type30, Nambu & M1912 model by KnechtRuprecht (Game banana) port by ElTitoPricus / ZeRoY
Shield by HarryBo21
All other WW2 Weapon port by ElTitoPricus (WAW, BO1, KF, RO2, HOV, Verdun)
Audio Weapons (some) from WAW KP Mod


Wraith: DTZxPorter (none of this map would be possible without this great tool! Thanks bro)
Weapon convertor: Azsry
Model convert: Bram
Tom Xmodel Utils: Tom Crowley
Waifu and various tools: Ardivee
Packer and other tools: MakeCents


Video Teaser / Trailer by Jr Rizzo
Poster art by One_Richard
Black Ops II style death animation by Frost Iceforge & Kingslayer Kyle
HUD Art by RudySPG

Additional testing, help:

Wakka, Uptownpapi25, ParanoiD, Se2Dev, DUKIP, Lilrobot, HitmanVere, Ray, Blueshark, Teyks, TheZombieProjectCOD, QuentinFTL

Workshop page:
1527 days ago
It was the night before Christmas ....

Jessica, Jack, Floyd & Dempsey found themselves trapped in a snow storm on the edge of an old village.

The ghost of Christmas presence could be felt and soon they would have to fight their way to their death!

Reality Brainstorms Present: A Christmas Carol

Scripting / Production   : Ardivee
Mapping   : Zeroy
Mapping : Izartax
Scripting   : Makecents
Scripting   : NateSmithZombies
Lighting   : Cornrow Wallace
Brainstorming   : Wakka
Voice over   : Laggin24x
Weapons   : ElTitoPricus
Tools   : DTZxPorter
Everything Else   : Infinity Ward, Treyarch, Raven

!!Happy Christmas Everyone!!

Due time we were not able to add all the features we have planned, we hope you enjoy the map anyway! For that little extra Christmas feeling we made a mod specific for this map that makes it slightly better!

Download it here:

And the accompanying Mod:
1628 days ago
Really fun map and highly enjoyed it! I was able to beat the map on round 21 and enjoyed every bit of it, hope to see more maps with this creativity in the future!

Thanks! We are adding a few things here and there, make sure to check out for updates!
1683 days ago
Full list dump (Thanks Ardivee):
1700 days ago
Whatever is in the file already is all we can call into the game ZM wise. This file is for adding custom weapon - those that you have full source asset for and therefore added to your Zone File using the weaponfull,my_weapon.

So if you wanted a specific weapon from say SoE you would need to get the assets (models, anims, fxs, sounds, weapon file) and add to zone file via wepoan file as you would a custom weapon.

This has to do with how the levels are loaded, we use zm_levelcommon which doesnt contain all ZM weapons
1706 days ago
Great stuff, thanks guys!
1728 days ago
ZHouse I will likely pass on sources to someone else once tools are released, its a testing ground for me for daytime mapping with a lot of terrain. The other map featured in a few video is just test, unlikely it will be completed a map but you never know!

I am planning a level, more on that later  ::)
1746 days ago
Looks like a mad project, congrats on release!
1746 days ago
IMO Steam Workshop is the best we could hope for, not some third party app that divides everyone and requires extra steps, etc...

Since it is Steam however some third party app might still be usable, best of both world in this case.
1751 days ago
I dont even use twitter :please:

No soup for you so.  :alone:
1763 days ago
No news about that

And if you had news you wouldnt be able to say anyway, right?  :-X
1763 days ago
Pretty sure an SSD only really help with loading time of files, no performance boost other than that

(Correct me if I'm wrong)

Because there is sync between APE and Radiant I would say it help considerably. Also you build light inside Radiant now so a lot of Shaders and other Light related files being written all the time
1767 days ago
I have cubic clipping on already, but the main problem is something different, I made a post about it on Reddit and DUKIP is also getting the same error. I have some new parts on the way, including probably a new GPU in the next few days so just going to wait and see if that fixes it. My specs atm are an i5, 8gb ram and a 750 2gb. But these tools are apparently A LOT more demanding than the game.

Ah yes, best not discuss here but yeah, you need to get that sorted first
1767 days ago
Anything on things like better/easier to use Weapon editors or material editors in the tools?

The new Asset Editor is better in many ways yes, you get proper asset tree to organize your shit and even you get an asset graph! Weapons are crazy, easily 100+ parameters avail!

Asset Graph, also you see the tree on left hand side with live preview
1767 days ago
lol, seriously, I hope you get them soon, your my favorite mapper.  ;)

Well F this.  :-\

While we're talking limits, is there still a limit to the number of zombies that can be alive at once? And has anyone tested annoying limits that we have had, like hintstrings or hud elements?

Cant say for sure, not hit any nor seen any yet
1767 days ago


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