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I've got a buddy who's willing to test if you still need it.
1024 days ago
These maps are looking good so far. I don't think it was addressed yet but there seems to be a bug regarding disorderly combat. I have yet to try it in the latest update but when I previously did it came with a couple problems.

 1.  The only way to trigger a new weapon is by sliding once ten seconds have passed.

 2. You can keep randomizing your two weapons (three with Mule Kick) as you please while in BO3 you retain a single weapon for the entire five minutes.

 3. When I bought a perk, I received an extra weapon slot. No I did not have mule kick.

 4. You can keep the weapons if you buy another gum during the five minute process, making the gum a bit of an exploit to get the best weapons on the map.

 Regardless all of the gums I have tried aside from this one are honestly pretty pinpoint to BO3's equivalent gums. Keep up the good work!
1210 days ago
I second this. Or at least something that leads us in the right direction.
1253 days ago

Oh deer. New personal record
1259 days ago
for some reason, in chaos mode, at the beginning, you just get the game over screen, for like no reason at all, which is annoying, so I have to play the old version for me to be able to play Chaos Mode (it's my favourite mode of the entire map for solo, Zombie King for Co-op).
Hope there is a way to fix this little issue, if so, it would be greatly appreciated.
Edit: when I say the beginning, I mean within the 1st 5-10 seconds.

Ok so this is really weird. Until it gets fixed I found some sort of a solution. Seemingly if you dolphin dive within the first couple of seconds before chaos starts I don't seem to get the problem. Kinda weird but temporary fix.
1263 days ago
What exactly do you have to do to get the Gravity Spikes, if you don't mind saying.


Double Post Merge: June 21, 2016, 04:17:40 am
What exactly do you have to do to get the Gravity Spikes, if you don't mind saying.


Not 100% positive what triggers the event (I've gotten them like twice by chance  :D). Last time got the Grav Spikes I went into "Red Afterlife" and shocked a small panel right on top of the crane. At that point a blue cargo crate is picked up by the crane and placed right next to Mule Kick and the doors open. There's this timed event that then occurs when you are in this crate and you must survive until it drops you back right by Mule Kick. If done correctly, the Ragnarok DG-4 should spawn before your eyes and everyone is happy. I have had occurrences where a max ammo drops instead.

P.S: Not totally sure but the seven blue skulls scattered around the map may need to be shocked in afterlife (Red or Blue) to keep from a max ammo spawning as a reward.

P.P.S: Did this once in Easy (cus I'm the best) and once in Normal so its possible in either.
1267 days ago
Made it to 25 today, pretty good. Got the gravity spikes and did the little timed puzzle in red afterlife. I'm pretty much stumped at this point on what to do. Anyone got any ideas?
1271 days ago
No, all my guns use M16 rigs... :troll:

Lol I have a hard time picturing that with the bulldog.
1793 days ago
Good stuff bro. Also that holo is called the auto focus sight  :D.
1794 days ago
Love to do custom zombies with somebody. Add me on steam: Nigerian Commando
1802 days ago
I get the error "exceeded limit of 400 "fx" assets" everytime I start up the map. I have tried re-installing just so you know
1804 days ago
I'll beta.  :alone:
2078 days ago
I aswell have played this map, now you may think i havent because this is only my second post  :alone:, but me and redspace have been testing this map and on my sweg-o-meter the map is off the charts.
2103 days ago


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