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If any of you out there make music, feel free to share your creations! The genre doesn't matter, even if it's a 15 Scandenavia eurotrance Queen tribute...

On second thoughts... I'd love to hear that! :D

I'm currently making a album if you'd like to hear it so far:

Be sure to share links to your Soundcloud/Bandcamp/Youtube profiles too if you have them.
1859 days ago
Now that there is ALSO A try not to laugh sub post I also decided to make a post about cringy videos
So go ahead and add a video, or react to another video (better yet react to it with a face cam)

Video found from a Cringe compilation
(Content removed from quote.)
Eaters Discretion advised

(Mods note, if you guys dont approve I will be OK if it gets taken down)

Submit people messing up or weird stuff found on the net (as long as its not offensive or wierd P*rn)

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

Anyway, here's a good cringe video.

1860 days ago
I'm not sure on any uses for Radiant on browser but it looks good, can't wait to see it.
1889 days ago
IMPORTANT: It sems that the video is blocked in certain countries (USA for example). For those wanting to download the song, here's a link:
1890 days ago
So a day ago I uploaded a mashup for a friend here on Youtube. I immediately got this email after uploading.

Confused, I checked to see what else I received, I got this today:

As it turns out, by monetising the video, UMG had un-privatised the video from WMG. Predictions? I believe an all-out record label battle. Sure, I have a copyright strike, but my video is still up. That's nice.

1891 days ago
(Image removed from quote.)
(Image removed from quote.)
(Image removed from quote.)
well if you feel your only valid discussion is through images, then let me oblige.

1891 days ago
17 minutes of pure, unadulterated amazing

1891 days ago
So imagine a world without YAW. About 50% of the people here, myself included, would've never discovered Custom zombies, there would be less maps therefore and the community would go downhill and presumably die.

TheRelaxingEnd also helps (among other custom zombie YTbers) YAW but its YAW specifically that supports UGX, mainly with competitions and featuring UGX maps made by the community. IF you want to hate them for their childish and repetitive humour, that's perfectly fine, but its what brings downloads to alot of maps people make on this site.
1893 days ago
So I decided to set my eyes on song editing programs to mashup songs and I had some song Ideas in mind.

I was going to try and make an Idea for a concert with the editor and see how my Ideas turn out. But I also want to know what songs you guys have for an idea.

you can choose any songs of your liking, Its your Idea.

Here are my Ideas (mostly Daft punk & Chem. Brothers)

-Daft punk vs chemical brothers
Rolling & Scratching/Three little Birdies down Beats/It doesnt matter/Alive

TLBDB/Revolution 909/Dont stop the rock

Chemical Brothers vs John Morgan (SSX3)
Dig your own hole vs Buffet of breaks

SCNDL vs Daft punk
Munsta vs Rollin n scratchin (alive 97 mix)

Fatboy slim vs Chem. Bros (again)
Ya Mama vs loops of fury vs Prescription Beats

-Daft punk vs Georgio Moroder vs Stephen walking
Steam machine/Top of the world 2/Da funk/Funk Ad/daftendirekt/The chase

BTW Do you guys know any Song editing programs i can use.
FL Studio has a free demo if you're thinking about getting it and in my opinion, is the best choice for mashups. Anyway, so nice to see another Chem Bros and early Daft Punk fan! I might try and make that first mashup.
1895 days ago
Hi, I keep getting a memory error because I'm not playing with T4M (it comes as a .rar file and I can only unzip .zip files) so is there anything I can do?
1924 days ago
Anyone welcome, you should find my server in the browser. If you want to play with me some other time, just send me a message whenever I'm online.
1936 days ago
ahh why is this stuck in my head

1936 days ago
Anyone here watch [adult swim]? We recently got it here in the UK on FOX and I've been binging shows like Aqua Teen and Tim and Eric.

Episodes are also available at too!
1965 days ago


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