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why cant i post the map wip?  ???
2161 days ago
my buddy completed after 40 rounds!
nice  :)
u got a picture?
2161 days ago
Wheres my credit for my far cry 3 knife?

u see i uploaded it so if your going to use it cred me plz  :)
2163 days ago
GTTclan was one of them, saying redspace was a no life for working on his map for so long, and also saying the map looked unfun even though he hasn't tried it yet
it means hes just jelly :P
2166 days ago
looks nice  :D
i like the reflections on the floor  8)
2166 days ago
ya just realized I was still using the WIP credits list, updated with final versions, try refreshing
nice  8)
2167 days ago
credit for what? im pretty sure I have you, open up the "features" list in the spoiler topic
for the executioner and i dont see my name in the weap credits  :'(
2167 days ago
u forgot to give me credit  :(
2167 days ago
I am sorry everyone but this map i have stop work on for now i will restart in about a months time  :)
why?  :( :( :( :(
2167 days ago
hi n1  ;)
2169 days ago
wow just wow :o :rainbow: :rainbow: :rainbow:
2169 days ago
dam this looks amazing  :o
2170 days ago
diffidently entering it

ps good luck to all  ;)
2172 days ago
Here is a update for you guys :o 8)
(Image removed from quote.)
(Image removed from quote.)

Just been working on the portaling lately there is some picture of the portals working with a caulk brush ;D
dat portaling  :)
2172 days ago
Sorry i got ban for 2 weeks so i could not message you back but i might add the ugx mod :)
lol same  ::)
2172 days ago


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