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Somethings we will never have, Star Wars 1313, Starcraft: Ghost, Halflife 3 and Perish by Hitmanvere.
1000 days ago
Hitman got stuck in a urinal, so there won't be know Perish  :'( :( >:(

Here's the proof: (Image removed from quote.)

Is this serious? Lets hope someone picks up development.  :'(
1180 days ago
Hey, Drlilrobot finished his mindshare mod for moon on bo1, would it be possible that he could work on this map again? Or is he not into this anymore, too hard and stuff?
1217 days ago
hey man its been a while since its gone to 100 percent completed. I really have great intentions to play it. but I cant because it hasn't made any improvement in a while. I think I'm speaking for everyone here when I say we want the map to be finished so we can play it and enjoy it. hopefully it will be done so we can play it. thank you for your time and goodbye.
I think that you have to be more patient. I understand you very well, but if the map would be released now you wouldnt play it for long. I know waiting sucks. And you should understand that this is hard to make.
1236 days ago
You learn to be patient with these kinds of things, but the hype is very much alive.

I am patient, I know what it takes to make a good map. Especially with third party programs. Just used to people that scream autistic for release.
1250 days ago
Did the hype die off?
1250 days ago
Whats left to do on the map? Glitches and scripts?
1266 days ago
That 99% is killing me. We need a trailer or something.
1283 days ago

People inside Quarantine area had it bad after they were locked inside with the infected

Looks amazing, just those rocks on the ground seem weird.
1290 days ago
Hey HitmanVere you would not make a map based on the initial zone of der eisendrache for black ops 1 only the initial zone would be like a challenge
answer please :D

Uhm... yeah totally understand you... uhm... lemme think... yeah right... I agree... good stuff. My answer is yes.
(By the way, can you explain one more time?)
1294 days ago
If you are still testin it out maybe you can do some sort beta test, where people test the map on bugs and other issues. People who really will search for bugs and not just play ofcourse.
1315 days ago
You said it would be released after the zc release, were you talking about zc ps4 or zc pc/xbox one?
1318 days ago
How would you be able to install this map, does it require a certain dlc map that must be replacedor do you replace kino or five. Or do you add this to your map list?
1336 days ago
Sooo, is it going to be released this week, next week or further then that?
1342 days ago
Thanks you!
I just got an error when I tried to run the map in the modlauncher after builing it.
It said that I was missing a lot of stuff MP and ZM stuff, like the perks and specialist weapons.
1533 days ago


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