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Looks awesome m8
199 days ago
When i click the map, Ricardo appears.

Where is the download link m8?

199 days ago
Looks good.
430 days ago
Hi!, i like the BO2 Weapons but the M1911 of this game not at all, i would like that you put the BO1 M1911.........if you want of course.
848 days ago
i leave one day and Whippy launches a map.

Good one m8, let me download this and..................................I don't Know
864 days ago
i never played this map, so let's prove
947 days ago
952 days ago

Just did some testing both solo and coop and it seems that the scripting related issues are now fixed. Expect a release soon!
The final release will most likely have some (small) issues due to time I have to work on this project. However these issues are pretty minor and won't affect the gameplay that much.

In the mean time, here is one of the new weapons added:
(Image removed from quote.)

OMG a Sten, i haven't seen that weapon since Call Of Duty 1, Good job m8
954 days ago
It looks good m8, let me know when the map is ready to record to my YT Channel, and if you need help testing the map tell me too
960 days ago
Downloading!, i can't wait to prove and record it to my YouTube channel!
979 days ago
WOW, This map seems to be one of best maps that i've seen ever
i can't wait for the release
i'll wait for it.
1161 days ago
i just played this map a few minutes ago and i thought this map had the BO2 Weapons and the other things, it has WaW Weapons and 3 perks and Pack a Punch. For the moments you should post what weapons and/or perks you are currently using in the map until you can update it with those new features.

I mean, The "To-do list" is ok but as i telling you post the currently features.
1177 days ago
This map looks good, i will be waiting.

Can you write the progress? (i mean, in percentange)
1188 days ago


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