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This map looks good, i will be waiting.

Can you write the progress? (i mean, in percentange)
1318 days ago
i want to buy a better PC, but im live in Venezuela, everything is too expensive, well i think i should wait until i buy a new Graphics card.
1346 days ago
i played the map, it is great, the switches easter egg, but as conn6orsuper117 said, the zombies don't drop anything inside PAP room and the smoke clears, fix that.

I suggest that you put the Deadshot Daiquiri laser.

and i want to ask, can you reduce the map graphics?, because i have a PC with Intel Graphics (xD).
1346 days ago

Link has been updated with the most current build.
All major bugs and concerns with the map have been fixed, any nit picky bugs still left will be fixed before the final release.
Help and reasonable requests are always appreciated  :)
Thx m8
1347 days ago
do what you want with it dude
Roger That

Double Post Merge: June 17, 2016, 12:34:14 pm
How I do to play?, the start button doesnt work
1348 days ago
Can I record this for youtube?.
1348 days ago
Pure, please give us a hint to find the teddybears
1359 days ago
Can Anyone tell me WHERE ARE THE FUCKING TEDDYBEARS?, well i found one, but i checked the rest of the map as 50 times  and i cant find anything.
1360 days ago
That must be a problem on your end since I have seen MANY people play this map co-op with it working 100% fine.
Try using a different host.

Double Post Merge: September 24, 2015, 10:36:47 pm
Once you've uploaded the video just Private Message me with the link! I'd love to watch it! :)
i can't send messages and the video will be in spanish because it's my bith language
1613 days ago
and Thanks, is a good map
1614 days ago
Hello, i want to record this map for my YouTube Channel, also i want to know in where i can give you the link
1614 days ago


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