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I have 128 bones issue when the map starts.
1355 days ago
Playing cooperative mode, we have found a bug, when the owner of the axe die, when he returns in the next round, the axe desappears and we werent able to find it all over the map. is it a bug? or really the axe was hidden in the map?.
1754 days ago
We have an error before complet 50k buyable ending...   :'(

Also good map   :D
2001 days ago
Map ​​finished  and Votijo without dying .... A thrilling map on the aisle in contrast to an open end which is easy to run the zombies.

Thx good map denis-24
2095 days ago
This version no has solved team death jumping :(

Think change it in another version?
2110 days ago
Good map, but when you dead after jump over the stone start another time all the team is very tedious.
2122 days ago


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