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Is there a way to patch enities by recompiling .maps in linker? yet

449 days ago
Can older custom maps have custom mods made for it  like BO3 or a similar way?
449 days ago
no models for zombies, had to use a mod
also need xmodealias files (.gsc and .csv)

(Content removed from quote.) Here’s the link to the missing models
714 days ago
Working now?
714 days ago
Think I could use the boss or the perk placements/scripts for my mod
1346 days ago
Will always be a map to chill fallout stuff makes itwith also been wondering if you could lend a hand with the siminaut and mech/panzer to go with my COTD mod
1352 days ago
boi keep up ur work gets better everyday  :gusta:
1422 days ago
cant we all get along
1424 days ago
The map it self was fantastic hope to see more of ur amazing work in the near future
1447 days ago
Great map fun to play the EE battle was fun
1447 days ago
so with the help of porter likermod is built but this error keeps coming when i go to set it up how would i handle it
1448 days ago
Yes, it should as long as you place the structs. I would advice at least two structs for each zone

ok thanks
1456 days ago
would a normal riser work for a spawner
1456 days ago
so i found nuketown 1945 map file and adding more perks and weapons to it but my main prob is getting the bosses to work i tried to use some spawns but the only boss i could get is the engineer credit redspace for it and i like to add more by using this  GetStructArray("find_flesh","script_noteworthy"); so who ever could help i owe u or many big time  :-\
1456 days ago


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