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Very good map:)  i was waiting for the release for a very long time.
Anyway i think i found a bug:
when i had the minigun perk i accidentaly take a weapon from the mistery box in its place. everytime i spin the box to change my guns i ended up getting a new one.
I ended up getting 6 different guns:D 
431 days ago
Someone knows how to upgrade the wonder weapon to the various elements?
833 days ago
sorry if i write it now,i was too busy playing COD:WWII :D
Congrats for the release and good job
996 days ago

here it is

from this picture you can see that i loaded the mod
1435 days ago
i dont know why objects continue appearing and disappearing causing lag
1436 days ago
it gets stuck on the loadscreen in coop
1436 days ago
I tried the map on solo & coop with two & three players and the map seems to work fine coop.

Try reinstalling the mod if that does not work it could most likely be your COD WAW try another map.  :)
already tried and my waw is 100% legit,i bought it on steam
1436 days ago
I'm not sure why a bunch of people are having trouble playing the map coop works fine for me every time.
i dont know too it is like the mod was never loaded(patch_modload_join)
1440 days ago
shopping free gobblegum is bugged
for example if i haven't got enought money for a door i can't open it

Double Post Merge: August 28, 2016, 12:12:53 am
Fear in headlights gobblegum is unlimited
1442 days ago
i can't play in coop on this map
1445 days ago
every time i try to join someone or someone try to join me i got the error 'patch_loadmod_join'
1445 days ago
this looks awesome :)
1448 days ago
on round 11 only spawned the electric boss and no zombies,the round didn't finished
and the spawn room weapon isn't buyable
1449 days ago
he probably just got hit and didnt realize it
im pretty sure i didn't got hit because i had jugg and died in 1 touch
1453 days ago
i died for no reason in fortress on the stairs near the double tap
1453 days ago


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