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so i thought this would look good on a map im working on and when i change the classname of the "info_null" to "info_corona" it says "Not found in source."

any idea on whats up and how to fix this?
1846 days ago
thanks for the response :D, I am talking about the advance terrain editor. The small window that's suppose to open does not open. Lol so I can't blend textures like I use to.
1950 days ago
i re-installed all the mod tools when i experienced this problem and it did not fix it. Now i spent the last week searching for someone having the same problem but i have not found a thing. if anybody could help it would be appreciated  :)
1953 days ago
i too would enjoy a bit of elaboration cause this sounds like a good idea
2195 days ago
so for some reason maya crashes when i import a .tanim file for my gun has anybody had a problem like this?
2201 days ago
In game the animations are messed up and in maya they work perfectly
2276 days ago
I have updated it but i seem to still get the same error...
2296 days ago
Yes my bad, the effect would be electric cherry because i have ported the model of the perk machine, but i don't quite know how to call a fx to fire when reloading
2421 days ago
I am only able to script simple perk's effects like point increase perk making points double, triple and so on, btw thank you for posting
2421 days ago
First off i would like to say i hate how people ask for someone to do all the work porting/making models. Now my question is would i be able to ask for assistance with scripting only, say i have the perk machine model ported and everything but i need a script for the effect of the perk. Am i allowed to ask for someone to script the effects? I am new but dont want to seem like a push over asking for someone to give me everything. Thank you for anyone that replies with an answer
2421 days ago


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