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Grabbing it now to Try.


As stated above can't play single player...What a waste of a download. :derp:
1475 days ago
Good Show gonna give it a go now. Thanks  :)
1491 days ago
Now this looks good , Grabbing it now . Thanks. :)
1494 days ago
I Hope this isn't another box map -(
1497 days ago
Grabbing this now ...Looks good,Thanks. :)
1503 days ago
Please fix Link..!!
1505 days ago
Nice Map....Well Done .
1506 days ago
Good Map , but has a few glitches IE sound dropping in and out and i am having mini freezes in game. :-*
1512 days ago
Looks Bloody Awsum , grabbing it now. ;D
1532 days ago
Looks Good Grabbing it now ,,Thanks  ;D
1534 days ago
What's with the doors,they don't open.!!
1540 days ago
A couple of downfalls in Co-Op, Zombie Blood dosen't work and players keep getting jagged on objects and get stuck. :(
1540 days ago
This looks Bloody Awsum!!  Getting this now . Thanks. :D
1542 days ago
Looks Good Tah.
1547 days ago
Giving this a go now.....Thanks
1552 days ago


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