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Messages - _ChaosKevin

7 years ago
You Sure You Didn't Mean

? ?? ?? ?? ?? ? Credits you and me? lmfao
I'm cool with that  ;)
7 years ago
Oi mate, what do you think?

Credits: _ChaosKevin aka TryToEpic
7 years ago
Credits: _ChaosKevin aka TryToEpic
7 years ago
Oh I did not know that, I may make farm or do diner then lol
mate make a a map that looks like a unused part of tranzit
7 years ago
add something new and call it reimagin
7 years ago
How about you change it to day and call it "Tag Der Untoten", because u much nacht remakes out there already  :poker:
7 years ago
If you are reading this topic, you either suck at using photoshop or you don't want to waste your time.

If you send me a nice pic from your map, I will edit it to look awsome. All i want is that you put me in your Credits, but write _ChaosKevin a.k.a TryToEpic

Of course every idiot could say " I MAKE AN AWSOME PIC FOR YA  :troll: ". Well, i can prove it.
I was the one how made the steam thumbnail for "Gulag" by Psh.
Unedited Pic:

Final Pic:

Prove  :lol: :

I'm a very bored, autistic teen that wants something to do.  :rainbow:
ps: No remastered or remakes, exept if they have more content than the original.
7 years ago
This is so dank I will happily use it as the picture for the workshop, excellent work!

(you will be listed in the credits)

Double Post Merge: March 04, 2017, 04:55:56 am
Released on the workshop:

yo modz gaht, close this ish plz k thx bye :gusta:
Could you add "a.k.a TryToEpic" to my name. That's gonna be my new name (soon.)
7 years ago
Oooh ooh, you should do one for my map! I'll give you credit, and if it looks nice I'll let you Beta test.
I will see what i can do.
Give me a beta version, but one that allows cheats (for noclip of course).
7 years ago
I was bored.
7 years ago
just export them to a format that you can import to blender or maya. then you can export them to xmodel format to use in cod. can't be too hard.
So why does nobody do it?
7 years ago
Cinema 4D has a lot of epic models made people all other the world. If there is a way to port those Models, than mappers could use them to make epic maps without spending hours of modeling themself.
What do you think.
7 years ago
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