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This Map looks Gorgeous and Plays nicely ^^ i like it

Im hoping that this map have a BOII UI to add that BOII feeling but this map is already more than enough to go around and have fun with so GREAT JOB ;D
1630 days ago
Hi! I'm the 3D modeler for the MSM team. The custom characters will be fully voiced, quotes and all ;)

Whoa! Sweet  :rainbow: This is gonna be Amazing! Good Luck with the Project, guys  :D
1664 days ago
This looks good.. Looking forward to see the finished product  ;D BTW will the Custom Character be fully voiced or its going to be Grief mode kind of character ?  ::)
1665 days ago
Man.. This is very Nice for a First Map! Keep it Up  :D You have a talent!
1677 days ago
WHOA! The Attention to Detail... AWESOME  :rainbow: Keep it up man!
1678 days ago
Looks pretty sweet... However, Are you going to replace those WaW Guns ? It looks Out of Place in this Futuristic like Map IMO... ::)
1682 days ago
I think you can remove Wall Weapons from the Box... With that we can get Different Set of guns from the Box... I take option 1.  :)
1683 days ago
or toten insel (dead Island :troll: )

LOL! Hehe... Genius Man... Genius!  :troll:
1687 days ago
Since its set on an Island... Maybe you can Call it "Insel der Toten" That's the German Of "Island of the Dead" if im not wrong..
1688 days ago
Wow! This Map is Really-Really Trippy.... In a Good Way  :rainbow: Im having a Ton o' Fun with it  ;D Especially with its Cool Layout, Modern Perk (and Weapons), Mysterious Atmosphere... Its Crazy!
1691 days ago
The map is Great!The Atmosphere is totally freaky! the Jumpscare really surprise me ( so far... i only encounter like 2 of them... one of them are funny  :please: , so im not complaining about those two ) but.. are the guns and reload sounds missing or maybe i just need to re-download the mod ? :-\
1693 days ago
Wow! Everything looks Amazing so far  ;D looking forward for this Futuristic take on Kino  :rainbow:
1694 days ago
Looks Promising ^^ Im gonna try and Download this, Thanks for the share and hard work :)
1696 days ago
A Very Beautiful Map :)
Well Designed, Great Detail, and also Tough to Solo, Probably because those Crawlers xP
1696 days ago


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