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Messages - Jeffycry

99% of the posts are about tombstone.
1% here don't care.
7 years ago
Amazing work at the map!

i experienced a glitch where the rounds kept on rising.
(but there is always a "restart level" button)

This map is so much fun!
7 years ago
looks pretty good!
7 years ago
amazing work!
can't wait to play it on release!
7 years ago
i set my texture settings to normal and it now works!
thank you for the help!

the mod is really fun and well designed!
7 years ago
right now my codwaw keeps crashing when trying to launch the map, but it worked before.
i get this non-fatal errors:

T4-SP (r45)
animscripts/traverse/zombie_jump_down_190T4-SP (r45)
animscripts/traverse/zombie_jump_down_127T4-SP (r45)
animscripts/traverse/wall_hopT4-SP (r45)
animscripts/traverse/wall_diveT4-SP (r45)
animscripts/traverse/jump_over_high_wallT4-SP (r45)
animscripts/traverse/traverse_jump_up_222T4-SP (r45)
animscripts/traverse/traverse_maldito_saltoT4-SP (r45)
animscripts/traverse/traverse_salto_vallaT4-SP (r45)
animscripts/traverse/zombie_jump_down_40T4-SP (r45)
animscripts/traverse/traverse_salto_camionT4-SP (r45)
 - R_Cinematic_BeginLostDevice()...

Unhandled exception caught
7 years ago
i used the map "nazi_zombie_fivenights" on co-op, then there was no button to change the gametype or the map.

help pls
9 years ago
it doesn't work if you installed a modded "common.ff" file instead of a regular one. if you didn't save the normal one. then your screwed
9 years ago
hi im new to UGX.
i need help with co-op. when i was waiting 5 minutes. 1-2 guys showed up. i started the game. then
it sayed "Semper Fi" at the bottom of the loading bar. then when it was gone. my game crashed.

do you guys know anything i could download or do?, to fix the problem. i really wanted to play co-op zombies. :'(
9 years ago
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