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Topics - kingneo

How do I go about this? I know what file the game looks at for gun prices but I have no idea how to make the custom map read from my own edited version of that file. Any help would be nice. Thanks guys!
5 years ago
Hi guys.

I have copied the zm_levelcommon_weapons.csv file into my custom map's scripts file. I have added this line of code to the map file's zone file (
Now, when I try to link the map in the Mod Tools Launcher, it gives me this error:

^1ERR(0) scripts/zm/zm_levelcommon_weapons.csv.csv (1,11)  : syntax error, unexpected TOKEN_IDENTIFIER, expecting $end :  [/spoiler]
For reference sake, here is the entire log:
[spoiler]E:\Steam\steamapps\common\Call of Duty Black Ops III\\gdtdb\gdtdb.exe /update

gdtDB: updating

processed (0 GDTs) (0 assets) in 1.292 sec

gdtDB: successfully updated database.

E:\Steam\steamapps\common\Call of Duty Black Ops III\\bin\linker_modtools.exe -language english -modsource zm_tutorial

Linking "zm_tutorial" (usermaps\zm_tutorial stable 2535893 v593):

^1ERROR: 'p7_debris_metal_scrap_02' is not a valid physpreset asset


  ^1SCRIPT ERROR: No generated data for 'scripts/zm/zm_levelcommon_weapons.csv'

Linker will now terminate.

Linker summary:

There were 0 warnings and 1 error.

  ^1ERROR: 'p7_debris_metal_scrap_02' is not a valid physpreset asset

Arguments passed to linker:
  -language english -modsource zm_tutorial


^1ERR(0) scripts/zm/zm_levelcommon_weapons.csv.csv (1,11)  : syntax error, unexpected TOKEN_IDENTIFIER, expecting $end :  [/spoiler]

Any idea why this would be happening? Much appreciated!
5 years ago
Hi guys.

The lighting in my map seems to be doing some weird things, as you can see in the picture below. Not sure what is causing this. I've been trying to fix it for a while but nothing I do seems to be working. Any ideas on how to fix this?

5 years ago
No idea how to do this, just curious on how to replace the starting MR6 in the mod tools!

Also, if anyone knows how, how would I go about including the Marshal 16's in my map, maybe even replacing this starting pistol? Any help would be much appreciated, thanks!
5 years ago
Hi, just wondering how to replace the starting pistol with the Marshal 16's. I know they aren't in the beta, but is there some way to import them into the mod files so that I can replace the MR6? Also, no idea how I would replace the MR6, that might help too XD
5 years ago

In my custom map I have three teddy bears that, when shot, give the player the electric cherry perk. I have the script mostly working for this thanks to Xylozi, but near the end of the script, I have the code
self _zm_perks::give_perk( "electric_cherry_perk" );

However, I get an error when building/linking that says this: "^1ERR(6E) scripts/zm/zm_tutorial.gsc (155,1)  : Compiler Internal Error :  Unresolved external '_zm_perks::give_perk'"

Anyone know what's going on here? Thanks!
5 years ago
Hi guys,

I'm very new to scripting and the mod tools in general. I have gotten a map somewhat developed and I think I want to start adding some Easter Egg stuff. What I am trying to do right now is have it so that when the player shoots the three teddy bears that I have around the map, they are given the Electric Cherry perk. I could have this just be another buyable perk, which is what I currently have, but I kind of want it to be an easter egg type thing.

Any ideas on how I would go about achieving this? Again, very new to scripting and the mod tools, so please try to be as specific as possible and try to talk like you would to a child :D
5 years ago
Hi, just wondering what I would need to do in order to remove the perk limit for my custom zombies map. I would like it to be an option to just buy every perk.

Also, if it is simple to do so, how would I be able to add Electric Cherry and Widow's Wine into the map? Neither of them seems to exist as a prefab, but I have seen people with them in their maps (Madgaz for example), and would like to put them into mine as well.

Thanks guys!
5 years ago
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