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Hello, you can follow my progress below as i try for round 100 on custom zombie map cryogenic, thanks BOYSTAA
1812 days ago
One of the best solo challenge maps and its nearly impossible to reach a high round ( 25+ )
I must have tried 20 times and the zombies just destroy you haha

Montage video if you would like to watch

1833 days ago
Little laggy on my laptop but played ok, montage gameplay below if you would like to watch.

1853 days ago
Not played CZ for 2 months and this map worked ok on my lap top, 50 was the target and enjoyed smashing some zombies again.

1866 days ago
Full video if you would like to watch it and commentary. Great game mode and this is a good target score for anyone to try.
Im still getting used to this game mode but there is room for improvement :)
1923 days ago
Hello, could anyone suggest some maps for me to try a high round attempt......

when i say high i mean 100, I need info like traps, buyable ammo and dogs would help on a map and ifs its not too much trouble a link to the map. you can contact me here or a PM or my YT channel boysta2011

If you know of any that i could try i would appreciate it

reagards boysta2011

undead town 101 quit
legion 117  error
sumpf be continued
lorkeep station 64 g spawn ( if only that could be fixed )  :(
rehabilitation 77/79
2054 days ago
We tried this map today and did 50 co-op but the connection failed on 49 with 2 crawlers left haha
I think TZP got to the chopper to buy the 50k ending, great map, here is some game play and our strategy, enjoy
2060 days ago
Hello im boysta2011 and i have a youtube channel for zombies, high rounds, challenges etc
I have been trying for round 100 on a few custom maps and this is my latest attempt  Undead Town

Previous attempts

Sumpf round 65
Lorkeep station round 64 gspawn, hope this is fixed somehow :)
Rocket base 50 co-op
Rehabilitation  round 72, 75, 77
Undead town still going

Can anyone tell me if there is a legit round 100 on any map and a link to that map

Thanks boysta
2076 days ago
Really enjoyed this map
I failed many times to reach the iron man room.
Can you beat this time solo 15 minutes, good luck if you try
2087 days ago
I failed many times before i made this strategy solo, now it only takes me 15 minutes,  hope it helps :)
2089 days ago


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