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Messages - zimta

For some reason my scroll-wheel is binded to the console. The `key is also binded as it should but I dont know how to remove the scroll-wheel from being binded. Thanks for the help.
5 years ago
Your gun appears to be spasming randomly in your hands like you're holding a struggling fish. ;D

Yea sorry about that, I have a bad habit of switching weapons when Im playing zombies. Especially when Im making tutorials.
5 years ago
Nice video i liked the original myself and having zombies on it brings back the memories :) great commentary even mentioning things i never thought of while playing the map.

Thanks so much for the reply and for watching the video.
5 years ago
So I dont know if this was intended (Highly doubt it is), but when I would PaP I would loose the other weapon that I had. I then bought another wall gun and tried to do the same thing again and once again I lost the other weapon that I had. Also the zombies wouldn't target the player, would group in in random areas and stand still.
5 years ago
So I have been away the last few days and wasn't able to post my videos on here. So here is the last 3 days of videos.
5 years ago
Can't wait to give this one a try and make a video on it  :)
5 years ago
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