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I'm willing to pay for the scripting work of someone to recreate the "Persistent Perks" and a new perk for me. Before you start any work we will negotiate price; I intend to pay half before and half after (both as a gift through paypal so you can be sure I'm unable to chargeback). If this is against the rules please delete this topic and pm me about it instead of giving me a strike as I did read the rules and it doesn't say anything about commissioning work being against the rules.

How I'd like the Persistent Perks to function:
How I'd like the new Perk to function:
1578 days ago
I've wanted to make a new machine that requires power but costs 15,000 to use and moves every time you use it. It would increase the maximum amount of perks you can hold by 1 until you hit 7. The problem is I have no idea how to do this due to my lack of knowledge of scripting for WaW. If anyone could direct me to a scripting tutorial I'm sure I could pickup the language very quickly as well as understand how to put it into my map.
2352 days ago
I've been looking at UGX Mod Standalone but I haven't seen anything about being able to refuse features.

My current worries:
  • Will I beable to restrict which guns appear in the mystery box?
  • Will I beable to make the map skip the gamemode selection screen to be normal zombies?
  • Will I beable to add my own content without overloading the game?
  • Will I beable to use my own hud?
  • Will I beable to set the Max perks back down to 4 (I'd rather limit it and add a way to increase it)?

If anyone can tell answer these questions for me, I would be very grateful.
Thank you for all of your help.
2352 days ago


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