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Topics - Wasthereonce

I typed this out a while ago to play with my friends. I named them all too. Know that you've probably heard of a lot of these, but there are some cool ones in there. Now I will share:

Nazi Zombies Challenges

#01- Point Blank- Shotguns Only
#02- Quickdraw- Pistols Only
#03- Optic Warrior- Snipers Only
#04- Slow & Strong Wins the Race- LMGs Only
#05- Spray & Pray- SMGs Only
#06- War Ready- Assault Rifles Only
#07- Big Bada Boom!- Explosives Only
#08- Element 115 Master- Wonder Weapons Only
#09- Slice N' Dice- Melee Only
#10- Barebones- No Perk Machines
#11- Amish- No Power
#12- Pack-No-Punch- No Pack-A-Punch Machine
#13- Welcome to Wallmart!- Wall Weapons Only
#14- Stop, Drop, & Stay- Prone Whole Game
#15- Hunched Over- Crouch Whole Game
#16- Gun Game- Change Weapons Every Round
#17- Keep What You Have- Use First Two Guns Out Of Box, Three With Mule Kick
#18- First Come, First Serve- Use First Weapon Out Of Box
#19- Needle in a Haystack- Can't Revive Others
#20- VIP- Protect One Player, If He Goes Down, Game Over
#21- Overstart- Starting Room Weapons Only
#22- Pitch the Tent- Choose Camping Spot & Stay There By A Designated Round
#23- Magazine Slinger- Use Only 1 Clip From A Gun, Buy A New One After
#24- Bull's Eyes- Get A Designated Number Of Headshots
#25- There's a Draft- No Boarding Windows; No Hammers
#26- It's A Trap!- Traps Only
#27- Skeleton Key- Only 1 Person Can Open Doors
#28- Boxtrap- Once Box Is Physically Seen, Can Only Spend Points On It
#29- Break the Bank- Spend All Your Points Every Round
#30- Leave It To Chance- Choose 6 Challenges (Where Applicable), Number Them, & Roll A Die Every Round
#31- Take It All- Withdraw All Money From Bank ASAP, No More Depositing
#32- Strategist- One Player Makes All Decisions For Other Players
#33- The Plague- Stay Away From Other Players
#34- Start at the Finish- Cannot Leave The Starting Area
#35- Living Sacrifice- After Designated Round, One Player Must Die Each Round
#36- The Juggernaut- Only One Player Can Get Juggernog, He Can Never Be Revived
#37- Babysitting- One Person Must Try To End The Game; You Have To Try To Revive Him
#38- Eternal Onslaught:Moon Exclusive:- Settle In No Man's Land By A Designated Round
#39- The Mulanaut:Moon Exclusive:- Give All Points To One Player, The Mulanaut Is The Leader
#40- Breach Breach Breach!:Moon Exclusive:- Cannot Lift Excavators
#41- Buried Alone:Buried Exclusive:- Cannot Use Giant
#42- You've Reached Customs:Five Exclusive:- Give Weapons To Thief, Can Only Kill Thief If He Hasn't Taken Anything
#43- Smashed:Mob of the Dead Exclusive:- Once Brutus Smashes Something, It Is Smashed Permanently
#44- Curious George:CotD Exclusive:- You Must Kill George
#45- X Marks the Spot:Origins Exclusive:- You Can Only Dig Up Your Weapons
#46- Bus Doesn't Stop:Tranzit Exclusive:- If The Bus Leaves, You Must Wait For It Again

P.S.: Couldn't get to 50.

Double Post Merge: July 25, 2016, 11:18:28 pm
Also, combine them to make challenges even better
6 years ago
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