how to make your own multiplayer dedicated server for free from home

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your game will show on lan and net i was runing every thing frome same folder here in vid
so that means that your game will be broadcast over the internet and anyone you give the consol link to can join your sever
and if you do everything correctly and they don't have your mod they can download it directly just from joining your server you do not have to send them a download link
how many people you can host and how fast the clients download speed depends on your internet
for best results run this on a whole nother computer you're not going to play the game on and make sure you have a lan connection not Wi-Fi
one thing I did not cover there's too many routers out there for me to

warning warning
for people to connect to you going to have to give your main router's IP address for them to put in their console in waw setup a VPN or setup a static IP on your main router
google info specific to your router for this info you will use the VPN IP address or the static IP address for the stuff below that does not specify your PC's IP if you cannot do either one of these do not and I repeat do not give that Ip that you have to use to people you do not trust a hundred percent and I mean a hundred percent if you cannot do one of the top two suggestions my advice pay for the cheapest VPN you can forward suggested ports according to VPNs ip
and I would not follow this tutorial any further if you continue with this tutorial and you cannot do one of the 2 tgings you will endanger all of your Internet devices in anything connected which runs the risk of losing personal data if the wrong person gets the IP address
and if you can or if you can't do the top two things never post the IP stuff on any website links or anything give it to the person directly and by directly I mean by text message  private messages or any other source were no one else but you and then are going to see it
so I will say this again if you cannot do one of the top two things I suggested do not continue if you do it's at your own risk

things you will need to do

#1: a 2nd drive on your pc to get best out of your sever  must be big enough for you to copy your steam Call of Duty World at War
note: if you install mod Tools in your steam directory of World at War drag the whole world at war folder to your desktop redownload waw to your Steam folder after its dun move to 2nd drive in a folder named cod5 go in your steam settings and enable a secondary location for your games so it reads the new location directed to the folder you just made move your original copy back where in steam folder.  cod5  folder will have all exe and so on in it dont make a folder in cod5  folder to put stuff in  so in cod5 folder will be fresh steam copy of waw

#2: make new folder in drive with cod5 folder  named sever_mods inside this folder make 2 new folders named mods 2nd folder usermaps what ever mod your are runing in mp put in both folders the appdata copy of the mod

make a new folder in same drive as cod5 foler name it servers make 2 new folder in that foler.  name 1 main , 2nd  mods and  go to cod5 folder copy pb folder past in servers folder
note: every mod you are running must be same in all folders same copy but dont put a mod in this mod foler this is just for consal log files & server log files will make text files with info

make a new folder in same drive as cod5 foler name it server go to cod5 folder copy pb and main folder past in server folder go in main folder deleate video folder do same in cod5 folder
not sever and severs folder and not same folder
pb folder runs punkbuster on your sever if its set to 1
and sever.gsc that runs on the sever gos in main folder I had you put another location so you have a backup
#3: forward these ports in your router
28900 to 28970 - TCP and UDP
20500 to 20510 - TCP and UDP
20600 to 20610 - TCP and UDP
27900 - TCP and UDP
local port is 28960
forward two pc's IP server is running on port 28960 is master port for control and admin port rcon login
#4: make a new gsc name it  servers note the ip part with your ip only put in your appdata copy  and sever_mods folder  and in main folder
past this in
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.
look it over put your info in where you will see where

#5:  make a shortcut of the cod5 folders codwawmp.exe move to desktop right click it
where target is go to end of what is there and hit spacebar 1 time past this in
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.
where ???? are put same ip from sever.gsc  aka go to google serch what is my ip

#6:  make shortcut form sream copy of codwawmp.exe to desttop name it game play or somthing rename the one frome cod5 folder sever
righr click steam copy of codwawmp.exe and in at end of target pu this 
+set net_port 28961 must be a space betwean what there and what you add

#7:  now your ready to test click the sever exe you made box will pop up  this is your sever all info shows in this window and is dumped to  severs folder
will se this at end part of window

IP specified on command line, setting to: ???????:28960
Advertising on ????????:28960
?????? = your pc ip this means you did every thing right and your sever is live and running and friends can join your sever
by puting this in there consol

 /connect = same ip from sever.gsc  aka go to google serch what is my ip
you can look up how to set a static IP on Main router so people don't have your real one
and still only give the connect part to people you trust sorry can't do any tutorials on port forwarding and setting static IP too many routers out there
now click the short cut from stem dont load your mod find your mod in net games or lan game click to join your sever in your sever box you will see that you joined and files your are getting
 if you get in game all is good to go last part to add client mod download part  which will be an internet page to generate from your own computer that anyone in the world can access if they have the web link
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still get rcon tool
you can skip this whole part here if you're going to give the people that are going to join you to download link but it be faster for them if you set this up
so they can directly download it through Call of Duty from your PC this will trick waw into thinking it's connected to its download server
the stuff below will also work for hosting your own built internet page for everybody for anything over the Internet only downside is you have to use there URL

there are 2 programs in here
miniweb.exe  this makes a local internet page out of what is in the htdocs folder in the htdocs there are 2 folder put your mod in both appdata copy if you add sever,gsc take all your info out this is what the client is going to download if they don't have your mod and your give them stuff to join

2nd is ngrok this make your local miniweb site brodecast to the world wide web for anyone with the link can access it
the purpose of doing this is so the dl speed for joining client will be increased depending on your internet speed if you do not set this up the game will default to your server folder and download from there I have very great internet and if it defaults to that folder the download speed for the client will take over an hour doing this trick I figured out my client download speed is 3 megabytes per second

open miniweb it will show a ip and a port wil look somthing like this
put this in web browser on same network as your pc
it should show the content of htdocs folder what is the mods and usermaps folder in eack should be a folder of your mod  appdata copy

now open ngrok  type this in hit enter
ngrok http 8000

this make your files access from anywhere  on the internet if they have the link 

where you see 1st Forwarding  copy link will look somthing like this
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this will go in your server.gsc the ones with your ip info not one people are downloading look for this
seta sv_wwwBaseURL "link you get from ngrok "
put link you get in will look like this
seta sv_wwwBaseURL " [You are not allowed to view external links. Register or Login to see them] "
this will teal the game to download the mod from this website for clients that don't have it
depending on your internet speed may want to reduce the amount of clients that can connect to you
look for this
set sv_maxclients "28"
i can have 28 with no prob

you have to update the dl link in your server.gsc  file every time you relaunch these files this part
svwwwbaseurl "??????" or if time runs out on ngrock
both of these programs and your server have to be running
ngrok is free so it willonly stay up 7 hours 30 minutes

thats it all dun I'll say this again set a static IP on your main router some people don't have your real one and everywhere I say to put your main router's IP replace with the static IP if you have a VPN setup use your VPN IP depending on your VPN you may need to forward your ports different Google

[You are not allowed to view external links. Register or Login to see them]

this is rcon login tool for admin right over your sever if someone is acting up in your server do not ban them with punkbuster  it will ban them on all punkbuster games
I was told for whatever time Is that in your server file or in rcon tool
you loh in rcon with pw you set in sever gsc here
set rcon_password "1234" // set for admin controll
port is 28960
ip is your pc ip that showed in sever window

last thing to run the best server ever run it on another computer that you're not going to be playing the game on and have it on lan not wi fi
if you need help pm me
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