Working Game_Mod with German Copy of Call of Duty: Black Ops 1

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alright, so, here are the requirements to make game_mod work on german copies of black ops 1:
  • german copy of black ops 1 (obviously)
  • game_mod
  • a friend that has a official steam row black ops exe (no, i wont provide the file to anyone, and yes mine is row)
1. have your friend make a 7z ultra compressed to have the bo1 sp exe and let them send the file to you
2. backup your german exe and extract the row exe from your friend to your bo1 root (example, C:\Games\Call of Duty Black Ops)
3. download game_mod from here: [You are not allowed to view external links. Register or Login to see them]
4. extract contents inside game_mod file to your bo1 root (in this case, extract bin, main, zone folder and bo_mods.bat)
5. launch bo_mods.bat, and have fun!

keep in mind that this tutorial was done first time with someone from germany on a call in discord where i helped, this was the first time i ever got something like this working

 - SE2Dev for being a genius, also for creating game_mod
 - Nukem for creating game_mod
 - Lukkie1998 for having a german person come to me, which i was able to help and make their game work :D

   admins are the best

Q: Will this get me banned?
A: no it wont

Q: I don't have any friends that have ROW version of BO1!
A: make some friends, join ugx discord, which i highly suggest

Q:  Can my German BO1 version work with a crack ROW version of BO1?
A: no, you MUST have the official steam row black ops exe in order for this to work

the cracks for BO1 are based on the T5M, which i wouldnt suggest to use hence you must have a official steam version of a ROW exe

now with this, anyone can play the mods that are at least in my opinion the best

Perish and Waffen der Schönheit are at least my two recommended mods/maps that I really love!

BO1 Kino Der Toten Mod Waffen der Schönheit - Link
BO1 Custom Map Perish - Link



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