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I posted this on Modme earlier today however I decided to post it here so more people can read it and share their thought!

Hey everyone. I wanted to make a post to explain what I think divisions will be like in WWII. Maybe some of you will agree, but if you don't then reply to this p...
832 days ago
BO1's mod tools are listed on Steam...

Not the mod tools themselves, radiant...radiant never was part of the bo1 mod tools. Members of the community coded it themselves.
915 days ago
Will BO1 radiant every be available to the public, I personally like BO1 for zombies better than any other COD game. I feel it has so many differences which set it apart from BO3 and WAW, and no matter how much chang...
915 days ago
--- Update --- v1.8 --- 3/17/17 ---

Added high quality shaders for Deadshot, PhD, Tombstone and Who's Who? thanks to HitmanVere!
916 days ago
Thanks, the widows wine shader was actually created by a user on Modme and he gave me permission to use it since I originally was just using the shader from SOE. The other shaders that are low quality I basically used a photoshop technique to make low resolution look higher resolution but the shader...
918 days ago
AGC's Origins HUD & Shaders!

Hey everyone, I am making this post for anyone that wants to make their map a little more custom. Installing both the HUD and shaders is easy. Anyone can do it! I hope you enjoy!. Ple...
919 days ago


---{ AGC's Releases }---
AGC's Black Ops 2 Shader Pack! -
AGC's Origins Hud! -

---{ AGC's Tutorials }---
Fix Custom Weapons Not Going Into The Box! -


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