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So recently I added a bunch of stuff to my map like lights, models, prefabs, fx and some general moving around of things.
I didn't bother compiling it until I was done and I forgot to save a backup.
Now, with this version of the map after I compile it and attempt to run it, the game...
1450 days ago
Bump. I really need help doing this. Even @pcdev_assist won't help me hahaha
1450 days ago
Okay, so I figured it out. Just had to add a umbra volume...
1451 days ago
Sorry to bother you all with this but like many people I'm new to the BL3 mod tools, and am learning as I go.
I've been attempting to make a basic one-window map and up until recently I've had no problems play-testing my builds.
However recently whenever I make a new build i...
1453 days ago


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