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So recently I added a bunch of stuff to my map like lights, models, prefabs, fx and some general moving around of things.
I didn't bother compiling it until I was done and I forgot to save a backup.
Now, with this version of the map after I compile it and attempt to run it, the game window pops up completely black for a few seconds then it closes again...
I've tried so many things such as saving the building as a prefab and moving it over to a clean map. and still no luck... I'm new to the mod tools and I'm so confused. It used to work just fine, and all my other maps are fine.

Does any one have any ideas on what I can do to troubleshoot this? I'm so sorry it's so vague, but I reallly want to get this fixed as I've spent so many hours making this...

Double Post Merge: October 03, 2016, 09:23:34 pm
I'm getting a dump file each time, but no idea how to find out what it means!
1450 days ago
Bump. I really need help doing this. Even @pcdev_assist won't help me hahaha
1450 days ago
Okay, so I figured it out. Just had to add a umbra volume...
1451 days ago
Sorry to bother you all with this but like many people I'm new to the BL3 mod tools, and am learning as I go.
I've been attempting to make a basic one-window map and up until recently I've had no problems play-testing my builds.
However recently whenever I make a new build it is really broken and walls and objects keep disappearing.
Any idea what the problem is?

Here is a video to demonstrate my issue:
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Thank you.
1453 days ago


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